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We are a consulting company specializing in installing Internet based collaboration networks to enhance product development team productivity. To accomplish developing solutions as effectively as possible, we apply the systems engineering process with its fifty plus year history of enhancing the development of complex systems.

Our central tenet is that building a solution around re-engineered product development processes produces much larger cost benefits than the often used approach of trying to improve productivity through the installation of new business accounting systems. To insure providing the best solution for a client's unique requirements, we neither represent nor give preference to any software or hardware vendors. This gives us complete freedom to recommend solutions most likely to accommodate today's rapid technology turnover in software tools and hardware systems.

Upon establishing a client's needs, a team of associates is assembled with the skill mix to deliver our product, or products, as quickly and efficiently as possible. An essential ingredient in our implementation process is the early involvement of the people who will be using the collaboration system. Early and continuing user involvement accelerates acceptance of the system, quickly irons out the inevitable wrinkles, and unleashes employee creativity in developing and deploying new ways to exploit information technology tools.

For clients interested in learning how to use the systems engineering process, or in getting help in applying particular systems engineering techniques, our services include the following:

  • Operational concept definition,
  • cost-benefit analysis,
  • technical risk assessment,
  • process metrics development,
  • work breakdown structure modeling,
  • systems architecture,
  • functional analyses,
  • requirements verification and validation,
  • interface management procedures, and
  • systems engineering training courses.

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